Thursday, March 1, 2012

Under the Sea Day

CAM spent the past few weeks at preschool working on an under-the-sea unit.  Last Thursday was their big water day (70 degrees out, can't beat that for timing!) to conclude the unit.  Here are the various sea creatures she brought home.  I hung them in a corner of the playroom.  I hope they last a long time -- they're super cute, aren't they?!

Don't be fooled by the empty-looking shelf.  Everything that should be there is on the floor.

The picture tacked to the wall has actual sand on the bottom

This is painted with some foam stuff that makes a big mess but is also pretty cool.

I love this guy.  Everything about him screams, "CAM MADE ME" to me ... makes me smile just to look at him!


  1. So cute and makes a great display in the corner!

    1. Thanks, Kerry! She was thrilled that I hung them up, too.