Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spotted at JoAnn Fabrics

This makes me nervous.  I don't know if "redheadedness" is suddenly a fad worthy of a greeting card, or if there is a redheaded greeting card writer who ran over her editor with a steamroller and got this made.  If it's trendy, that would be amazing -- for once, I am ahead of the curve! 


  1. What are the odds? Aren't you people only like 2% of the population. And don't get all defensive about the "you people" comment. I always wanted to be one of "you people."

    1. Ok, but am I allowed to get defensive about the fact that you thought I might get defensive?! And by the way, where did you get those hats? Your link won't work on my phone. Traumatic.

  2. Facebook - go to Karen's Crocheted Hats! Boys wore them today and love them!