Sunday, March 11, 2012

Morning Conversation

Yesterday was a busy day in our house (especially for me).  And Mick wasn't feeling well -- he had that awful confluence of being old (hahah) and being exhausted and not feeling well that made him just feel AWFUL as the day went on.

So this morning, despite the clocks springing forward, it's 10:30-ish as I type this and everyone is still upstairs. Mick's reading on the iPad, the kids are playing and/or snuggling, and I came downstairs with WHM to finally make the chocolate milk he's been insisting on for about 14 hours.  (He wanted it last night for his campout, he wanted it when he woke up at 4am, and he wants it now.  14 hours.)


ME:  WHM, after this milk let's go upstairs and snuggle.
WHM: I don't want to rest, Mommy.
ME:  Why?
WHM:  I too tired.


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