101 Things

101 Things in 1001 Days  
Start Date: January 12, 2012  End Date: October 9, 2014

1.    Donate a Bar/Bri course to a needy student.
2.    Get all my diplomas professionally framed (so they match)!
3.    Get WHM’s newborn photos
4.    Get WHM’s 6-month photos
5.    Get WHM’s 1-year photos
6.    Take the kids to feed the ducks at Southaven Park *This is half done. I took WHM to the park, and we fed the ducks while CAM was at baton camp July 2014.  
7.    Take the kids to Disney World  Done!  June 23, 2012
8.    See TPIR with Mick
9.    Get CAM and WHM on skates! Done! Fall/Winter 2013-14 WHM started, and CAM followed with figure skating lessons Winter 2014 and they both did a hockey clinic at the start of summer 2014. They love it, and hockey will likely be in our lives for some time to come!
10.  Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
11.  Go to a Broadway Show with Mick and spend the night in the city
12.  Run a 5k
13.  Run a 10k
14.  Run a half marathon
15.  Fill in the kids’ baby books to be current
16.  Take a cooking class
17.  Visit Charleston
18.  Go to mass at “our” church in Savannah
19.  Go to our church here every weekend for six weeks straight
20.  Make homemade ice cream sandwiches once a month for three months straight
21.  Make a banner using my Cricut/Silhouette  Done!  March, 2012
22.  Go on a rowboat
23.  Ride a real roller coaster, preferably with Mick Half done!  June 23, 2012 -- Space Mountain with CAM  Now, to get Mick on a coaster ...
24.  Take a photography class  Done!  April 19, 2012 <<-- and then in June, I took the intermediate class!
25.  Actually grow a vegetable garden (or at least, more than just tomatoes)
26.  Cut our own Christmas tree
27.  Unpack/sort/file every box – no piles, no boxes to go through later Done! August 8, 2014. 
28.  Get CAM /WHM/us a real bedroom set
29.  Get a real couch!
30.  Spend an entire week without going out to eat even once, four separate times
31.  Take and pass the patent bar
32.  Get new passports
33.  Use them
34.  Have fresh flowers in the house every day for a month
35.  Crochet something from a pattern
36.  Knit something from a pattern
37.  Clean/preserve my wedding gown. I mean, it’s only been ten years.
38.  Go to the Bryant Museum Done!  June 19, 2012
39.  Do three “touristy” things in Alabama
40.  Do three “touristy” things in Georgia
41.  Visit Washington, DC and go to the Smithsonian
42.  Have a snowball fight *I feel certain we've had a snowball fight or two with all the snow we've had in Maine Winter 2013 and Winter 2014 -- but I never recorded it. So, this is only sort-of crossed off.
43.  Have a family move night – no interruptions – six separate times
44.  Take the kids to the movies – six separate times  #1:  The Lorax, April 20, 2012; #2: Pirates Band of Misfits May 1, 2012; #3: Brave, June 25, 2012; #4: Monsters University, June 20-something, 2013; #5 and #6 -- drive-in movies here in Maine Summer 2013. (Planes, Despicable Me 2, Smurfs 3, and Monsters University (again, part of a double feature!))
45.  Have a puppet show with the kids
46.  Finger paint
47.  Bake a cake in each of my WS pans (I have about 30)
48.  Join Tide Pride
49.  Picnic with the family
50.  Make our wills
51.  Drink 64 ounces of water every day for a week
52.  Read the entire Bible
53.  Go to a concert
54.  Fly a kite
55.  No fast food for an entire month!
56.  Visit a new state
57.  Make a t-shirt quilt
58.  Run a six-minute mile
59.  Go 24 hours without checking email
60.  Visit a cave
61.  Jump rope for 5 minutes without stopping
62.  Get McNoodle going!
63.  Enter a contest (done!  April 29, 2013 -- Mom/Daughter Look-Alike!)
64.  Play in the rain with the kids
65.  Go to a Sox game as a family
66.  Take the kids to an Alabama football game
67.     Blog faithfully for two weeks straight (done!  January, 2012)
68.     Cook dinner every night for a week (done!  August 1-8, 2012)
69.     Organize our holiday décor tubs
70.     Leave a 100% tip  (done!  April 25, 2013)
71.     Donate something that I really wanted to sell (done! February 8, 2012)
72.     Have a “Favorite Things” party
73.     Get a new bedding set for Mick and me … a set we both love
74.    Keep a thankfulness journal for a year (done!  2012)
75.    Take the kids skiing
76.    Establish a family movie/game night and stick to it!
77.    Master my own recipe for a pomodoro sauce
78.    Master my own recipe for a pizza sauce
79.    Cook homemade spaghetti/pasta enough to make it routine
80.    Invent my own recipe for something
81.    Double my previous salary
82.    Find and compile and back up all of our digital photos
83.    Make photo albums for the kids from those photos
84.    Get new pots!
85.    Run for school board
86.    Swim in the ocean with the kids Done!  We did this at Smith Point Park in NY, Summer 2013 and again (minus Mick this time) Summer 2014.  
87.    Clean/purge/organize the basement – all of it! 
88.    Play the flute again and practice 4x a week for a month
89.    See a friend we haven’t seen in over a year -- two different friends (Liza, 8/16/2012 -- lunch at CJ's in NH.) 
90.    Make homemade sausage
91.    Go to a concert with Mick three times
92.     Pin something original on Pinterest and get 100 repins  (Done!  May, 2012.  My post about Sight Words Candyland with my list of words has well over 200 pins as I type this!)
93-101 are private goals.  (Get your head out of the gutter, not THAT kind of private!)  They exist, I promise, but I don't think I'll blog about them ... or at least, not yet.  :)

Bonus items:
Take the kids to the circus *Another sort-of-done one. My mom took the kids and me to the circus on Long Island July 2014, but Mick didn't get to come.  Since it wasn't a full-family turnout, I can't really cross this off.  The kids can say (finally!) that they have been to the circus, but it's not quite cross-off-able.
Take the kids to a live show (Disney on Ice or some such ...) (done!  February 6, 2013)
Go to a Patriots game at Foxboro.  (No, I have never been.  I know, I know.) 
Learn how to play craps
Organize the pantry, once and for all (done!  1/19/2012)
... likewise, the spice cabinet  (done!  1/16/2012)
Take the family to Disney World, and stay on property (goal is to do this with Courtney) <-- this is half done.  We went to Magic Kingdom, but didn't stay on property.  Hoping to go again soon!
Take the kids to a Broadway show 
... and while we're at it, be tourists in the city for a few days.  Statue of Liberty, Empire State, etc.
Decorate a cake with fondant, going all out -- AND love the outcome (done!  CAM's birthday, 2012)

Visit the Biltmore Estate in Asheville 
Visit Charleston
Visit Key West


  1. I may be borrowing some of these and taking your idea ;)which is also an idea that Ana did something similar to :)

    1. That's right! I used to love reading Ana's posts -- I'd forgotten all about her list. I don't think my list is as personal as hers was, though. Borrow away -- some of my ideas are borrowed as well!

  2. I love it! It makes me want to work harder on my own list. I'm excited to hear about your progress as time goes on. There are a few on there that make me want to start a new list once my current one is done :) Good Luck! I hope you finish them all and enjoy the process!

    1. Hahah! Well, I am happy I can provide a little return inspiration. Every time I come back and read this list, I think of more things I want to add. If I'm not careful, it's going to be 202 things in 1001 days! :)