Monday, March 26, 2012


Or maybe not even "A." I know there are at least a few of you out there who miss me when I don't post, and I apologize for making you miss me a whole lot this past week!  You ever have one of those days that was insanely busy and flew by, and yet as you get ready for bed you wonder what the heck you actually DID all day?  That was my week. 

Mick was out of town Tuesday-Thursday of last week, and it was crazy, but not in the usual Mick's-out-of-town way. Courtney came up and we all went to dinner Tuesday night, which was so nice.  We live 30 minutes apart, but I miss my sister.  Dinners like that are rare and just a whole lot of relaxing fun.  (And the kids' meals were comped -- even better!)

I was insanely busy with tutoring on Wednesday (I say "insanely" not because I had so MUCH tutoring, mind you, but because I FORGOT about it.  All of it.  I have no idea how I managed to eff up my Wednesday, but I did.  Bigtime.   Thank goodness I was even HOME -- even though I was in pj's, had eyebrow wax going, my desk was BURIED, and there was laundry everywhere upstairs ... it was hilariously rough, actually, and I am fortunate that I tutor the best kids in the world, because we just laughed about it)

Believe it or not, I almost did the same thing again Friday, but we won't got there.

Thursday, the kids and I got up early (and by early, I mean 5:15, not 7:30 -- the kind of early where the kids rightly think it's the middle of the night), went and picked up Aunt Honkey (aka: Courtney), and headed to Tuscaloosa for the day.  Things of note:  it monsooned all day, which ruined my favorite summer shoes; we picked up a craigslist item that was/is awesome; Sbarro changed their meatballs; the vote is split on whether American Eagle capris look good on me; I once again didn't get to see anyone in town that I wanted to see, and so we basically "snuck" in and out, which makes me sad every time it happens that way; we struck out at Gap Kids but rocked the house at Gymboree; we almost got killed by a car that drove through the grassy median on 20, went airborne, and would have driven right into us, the wrong way, had we been one lane over from where we were; and no, we didn't make it through the day without WHM throwing up.  Oh, and the Alabama "A" patches are all sold out. 

More on all that later.  Because we had all that, and still it was a glorious day, and I am not even being sarcastic. I am sad even thinking about the day when such trips won't be possible, because Courtney will be in Florida, or CAM will be in kindergarten, or any of a million other likely reasons.  It was a great trip, and bittersweet knowing it's among our last.

I am going nuts with birthday party prep ... I really want to make CAM's party extra special, and am quite sure I am forgetting a zillion little details.  But what I am accomplishing so far, even if it isn't much, is still pretty cool (even if just to me!) and I am learning a ton. I will post photos soon, I promise!  First, I have to take some.  And I just don't feel like doing that right now, and I hope you understand.  (But if not, too bad, because I'm still not posting pics at the moment!)

I closed my biggest Initials, Inc. party ever this week, and it was a fundraiser.  The way we defined it, the group (Endo Hope, a support group for women with endometriosis) gets all my commission, and I get all the hostess rewards -- which turned out to be $125!  Not too shabby, huh?!  I got CAM a birthday gift I've had in mind for her and some fun stuff for, well, little old me.

Craftiness and other productivity:  I made Bea a fitted sheet this weekend (yes, I made a fitted sheet for a doll bed, go ahead and laugh -- laugh harder when you learn that this project was sitting in my office untouched since August, so it's about dang TIME I made Bea a fitted sheet!), made the kids sunglasses cases (so when their glasses are scratched to all scratchiness, it won't be my fault for carelessly throwing them in my purse every time), and made CAM a birthday banner with the Cricut (this thing -- the banner -- is hardcore and I can't wait to share it with you!), and am 3/4 of the way done with one for WHM, too!  And as of this moment, I am in the middle of a practice run for CAM's birthday cake.  I really hope I can pull this off.  I am making a layered strawberry cake with tiers and fondant and I have never done tiers or fondant.  As you, my dear, loyal, two readers, already know.

And finally, the pollen count around here has been insane.  This week it was up in the high 9,000s.  It dropped by more than half and was still at 4500.  Then this weekend it has been in the 1000s, but both kids have had eye crud.  I am fairly confident it's not pink-eye, since their eyes are puffy but not continuously gunky, and both kids are happy -- just tired.  Cross your fingers and pray for us -- taking two kids to the doctor this week is in neither my plans nor my budget!

Gotta go.  Jerseylicious is on.  Oh, how I love this show!  



  1. For what it's worth, I totally missed you. :) Glad you're back. I love online stalking my favorite redheads. Just saying...