Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things I Miss about the NORTH

I figured, hey, in the interest of parity ...

(And besides, I woke up seriously craving D&D, and as the saying goes, I am SOL.  Why not write about it?!)

So, the other day I wrote a post about things in and about the South that I would miss, were we ever to move.  Of course it's not secret that Mick and I are not native to this region, and in fact we are from the Northeast/New England areas.  So, here for your reading pleasure I present yet another incomplete list, this time about stuff we actually already do miss.

1.  Dunkin Donuts.  (GOOD ones.  There are a few around here, but they are awful.  I could seriously go in there and teach them how to make their munchkins, sugar their donuts, and make Mick's iced coffee.  And let's not get started on the hot chocolates.  Any hot chocolate that starts with tearing open a little packet should make any good Yankee run.)
2.  Accents.  (ooh, I should put this on the other list, too!)  Let's be clear: I like hearing the Boston ones; like my kids having Alabama ones!
3.  Snow more frequently than every third year.  And all that comes with it:  snowmen, snowball fights, forts, sledding, etc. etc.
4.  The great joy of a snow day -- and the innocence of praying the night before that the snow starts at just that magical hour between 2 and 6 am where the plows can't make it safe enough for school buses in time ... and is just fast enough and heavy enough that a delayed start won't cut it.
5.  Truly having four seasons.
6.  Walking in the city.  Neither Birmingham nor Atlanta are very walking-friendly cities.
7.  Pizza -- but I've posted about this before, and I don't want today's list to be all about food. Besides, we've recently discovered a great pizza place about five minutes from the house.
8.  The fact that supermarkets have way bigger selections than down here.
9.  Pumpkin picking in October, on a real farm, pulling them right off the vines.
10.  February break and late-April break, not just "Spring Break." 
11.  That first day of the year when you don't have to wear a coat, and everyone is just in a great mood because it feels like a holiday.
12.  The smell of a coming snow.
13.  No fear of tornadoes.


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