Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Houston, We Have A Princess

Okay, maybe Dallas.

See, about two weeks ago I posted an "all-call" on Facebook asking if any of my friends had old dress up clothes -- flower girl dresses, princess stuff, fireman stuff -- it all counted.

A friend of mine from college with two girls both older than CAM replied that she had a bunch her girls had outgrown, and that would love to send them all up (from Dallas -- hence the title) to us.  A giant box arrived Monday.

We've been graced by the presence of Cinderella (in ball gown, not rags) every day since.  (We've also been visited by Sleeping Beauty and some other dress-up ladies, but mostly, Cinderella.)

Here is what we saw when we opened the giant box ...

And here she is in one of the many dresses we got.  All week, the first thing CAM does when she gets home from school is to put on a princess dress. 

I have no idea what she was doing or saying.  For all I know, she was roaring like a dinosaur.  A princess dinosaur.

CAM is thrilled beyond words.  Best of all, she knows that all she has to do is go stand in front of Mick and strike a pose, and he will stop whatever he is doing and tell her how beautiful she is.  I love that.


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