Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WHM, Manners, and Oreo Logic

When I tutor and CAM and WHM are around, I refer to the tutoring kids as Mr. FirstName or Miss FirstName.  Today, Mr. Timi was here.  WHM came up to my office just as Timi and I were wrapping up, and asked for an Oreo.

Here is our conversation.  If you're tired of these verbatim little mini-plays, I apologize, but they are too much fun for me to not record them somewhere, and let's face it, I type faster than I write!

WHM:  Mommy, I have an Oreo?
ME:  Not right now.  Let me finish working with Mr. Timi.
{Timi packs up and we walk to the door.  As he leaves, I close the door and scoop up WHM.}
WHM:  Mommy, I need two Oreos.
ME:  How about one?  And, how do you ask?  Mommy, may I have an Oreo please?
WHM:  Mommy, I have two Oreos please?
ME:  No, how about one Oreo?
WHM:  I two.  I need two Oreos, that's why I two.

Since we often use this argument at dinner ("Two more bites, since you're two") I figured I couldn't really argue.  Two Oreos.  WHM wins. 



  1. I love these little conversations!

    Plus, now I have a justified reason to eat a lot of Oreos seeing as I am 27.

  2. So funny... we use that same logic in our house :) Miss your face :)