Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things I Love about the South

I was sitting there with WHM, eating our "chickaway," thinking to myself, "if we ever move, I'm going to miss this."  I have no idea what put that in my head, but it got me thinking about stuff I love about the South in general -- stuff that, if we ever did move, I would miss because it's not available in quite the same way anywhere else.

Here is a very incomplete list.  I am quite certain I will add to this as I think of things.  In the meantime, PLEASE feel free to comment on things you love, or which you think I obviously left off in error, and I will add those (well, those I agree with!) as well!


  1. Chick-fil-A
  2. College football
  3. The weather
  4. People are nice for no reason.  And friendly, too.
  5. Good Mexican food whenever you want it
  6. Manners!  Ma'ams and sirs and door holding
  7. Central air.  Everywhere. Without question.
  8. Publix.  I really, really love Publix.
  9. Barbeque (as a noun, not a verb).
  10. White BBQ sauce.  
  11. The fact that we do very little snow shoveling, but having our shovels makes us look like heroes at least every third year.
  12. Sweet tea.
  13. Chicken biscuits as a breakfast item virtually everywhere.
  14. Speed limits over 55.
  15. Grits, properly made, at a restaurant, not just in a canister on a grocery store shelf. 
  16. Shrimp and Grits as a meal.  One of my favorites, and when it's on the menu, it's what I'll have.
  17. Waffle House.  

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