Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Concert and Spaghetti Dinner

The preschool's big event was last night, and it was a success.  Well, mostly.  This time (unlike in the Fall) I didn't have to take WHM off the stage because he was so upset, but you can judge for yourself whether he was enjoying the performance.  (Seriously, he was fine -- if a bit bewildered -- until he saw me.  I even knew that would happen, and for a while was trying to stay hidden.  But photos beckoned, and I went and messed it all up.  Sorry, folks.)

Photos before we left. Happy kids!  (and a "pedicured" CAM!)

Check out the manicure.  We do it up in this house.

See?  Happy WHM.  Happy.  Save that thought.

The four-year-olds walked in down our aisle and this is CAM looking back at Mick.

WHM before he really saw me.

WHM after he saw me.

CAM ... waiting to sing.

"Is this thing over yet?"

"Seriously, don't LOOK at me!"

"I found you, Mommy!  Don't just take pictures of WHM!  Look at MEEEEEEE!"

Not sure if the gestures were early or late or just being silly.

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