Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dancing Queen (and King)

As you know by now, CAM's very much into dressing up lately. She is also falling more and more head-over-heels (figuratively, knock on wood) into dancing.  The past week or so, she's taken to using the hearth as her miniature stage.

I took these photos a week ago and didn't get to post them right away, but here are a few.  I think they're hilarious.  (There are at least three times as many photos, but I'm posting my favorites here.)  At one point, WHM decided he'd had enough and just rolled on the hopscotch rug to play with his trains.  Bad idea.  He became the "leap-over stick."  He quickly decided to get back up and do his own leaps. 

"Thomas and Percy, I'm tired.  How are you?"

If you're wondering, the "shark" is actually a dinosaur.  His name is Mr. Cretoxyrhina.  (Cree-toxy-rhina.)

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