Monday, March 5, 2012

March Recipes

If you're following along with my cooking club adventures, I apologize that I've kept you waiting a whole five days into the month without telling you our new recipes!

Last month I took a shortcut and just said, "here you go," and didn't comment.  This time, I'll try to go back to what I did in January, and give you all a little commentary. If I seem like I'm stretching it a little here for some blog content today, well, I am.  You're not imagining it.  Now keep reading.

Two tidbits:  First, if you are interested, anyone can join our cooking club at any time, so please go check out Sweet As Pie.  Second, our recipes come from a mix of The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook, and Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman blog.  You can check that out here.

Okay, onto the recipes:

1. Chicken Pot Pie
I'm game.  This isn't something I routinely make, but I do definitely enjoy a good, hearty chicken pot pie and have been known to order them in restaurants.  I hope the inside is creamy.  I will not even try to make a healthy version of this.  The more heavy cream and butter, the better.  Likewise, since I'm in charge, I might go easy on the peas and carrots, heavy on the chicken.  I'll let you know.

2. Breakfast Burritos
I don't generally eat these, but Mick and the kids love them.  (I mostly don't eat them because Mick mostly gets them at McDonald's, and McDonald's mostly makes my stomach turn.  Just sayin'.)  In fact, I came downstairs yesterday and made cinnamon rolls for the kids for breakfast (yes, we were healthy all around), and Mick separately made himself breakfast burritos.   Ratsum fratsum, if only he'd waited, we could have followed the PW recipe and checked this one off the list!

3. Simple, Perfect Chili
I'm always up for chili.  Always.  Chili is like Taco Bell to me:  anytime, anyplace.  Bring it.  I hope this is as perfect as she promises.

4. Braised Short Ribs
Now, this one makes me a little nervous.  First of all, I went to Kroger yesterday and it was almost $22 just for the short ribs -- and that was on sale!  So I'm hoping I don't mess this one up.  I can't stand it when I waste money on food.  We ended up throwing out the country fried steak after all, so I don't want to be oh-for-two on the meat entrees for February and March.  But this one seems, really, a lot like coq au vin, only with ribs.  Wine, the whole nine yards.  Seems as though it would be difficult to mess up.  (And yes, I've made coq au vin in the past and it was pretty good, if not quite pretty pretty.)

5. Penne a la Betsy
This one looks yummy!  A nice creamy (and I'll add: cheesy) pasta with onion and garlic and shrimp and wine -- what's not to love?!  Best of all, it's meatless, so I'll be making this one Friday soon.  (If you, like I, don't eat meat on Fridays in Lent, have you ever noticed how hard it is to think of delicious and creative meatless meals for this stretch?  I always can think of 50 different non-pizza, non-tuna-fish meals in the middle of July, but ask me during Lent and I will stare at you like a slack-jawed yokel and repeat "pizza" over and over until you almost hate pizza. Almost.  Because I realize it's pretty difficult to hate pizza.)

Speaking of pizza, we discovered a great little NY place around here the other day.  They claimed to be "authentic New York pizza," like every other pizza place in the history of everyplace not called Italy or Chicago, and from the husband and wife bickering when Mick walked in to get the pies, I'd say they were right!  I'll post about that separately.  I'm deliriously tired still and think the couch is calling my name before I have to tutor in 45 minutes.   But if you're in the area, Luigi's is our new go-to place.


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