Saturday, March 31, 2012

So, Today ...

... we had a great day, even if it was a little clouded by Mick's not feeling so hot.

First, we slept late.

Then, we snuggled and watched Thomas and Curious George.

Then, we got up and went to the Southeast Railroad Museum for Caboose Days!  (Pictures are posted here, because it was too much to put in this post.)  It was great! 

Then, we *finally* went to Whole Foods to spend our Groupons we bought almost fifty years ago.  I love Whole Foods, but we live so stinkin' far away, and this was the perfect opportunity.  We bought my favorite things:  cheese we can't get at Publix, olives from the olive bar, fresh bread, and some salads from their "deli" counter.  (We didn't buy wine, but that's okay.)  Can't wait to partake!

But while we were at Caboose Days, I got a Craigslist alert on my phone that this set

was available for $20.  I emailed, and was the first person, so we detoured to pick it up.  If you know anything about Thomas the Tank Engine's wooden railway, you understand that the trains alone are worth way more than $20, and the mountain track is usually on craigslist for no less than $40.   I just cleaned it and set it up in the living room, and there are seven wooden cars in great condition, plus four of the cast-metal take-along trains WITH their tenders, PLUS a Trackmaster Thomas with Annie and Clarabel!  All for $20!  Choo-choooooo, this was a phenomenal pick-up today! 

Because we had already detoured, as part of our detour we went to a nice family lunch at Taco Mac.  And that was fine and all, and lunch was good, and the kids behaved, but they had Sam Summer on draught!  SAM SUMMER!  ON DRAUGHT!  WAHOO!  (If you don't know, that's my all-time favorite beer, even over Hoegaarden. But it's seasonal.  And can be hard to find on draught here in non-New-England suburbia.)

So, let's recap:

slept late.
went as a family to not just a museum, but a train museum.
went to Whole Foods and got lots of yummy stuff.
got a huge, huge, huge Craigslist score.
went to lunch.
And to top it off, I got to have the first Sam Summer of the season!

Yes, my friends, as promised, today is a great day!   I really do wish Mick felt better (both mentally and physically), but we'll take what we can get!

One downside:  my phone suddenly stopped seeing my SD card and I may have lost literally thousands of photos (including the one of the Sam Summer, which I took to email to my friend Tara, as is something of a silly thing she and her husband, Russ, and I do ... ).  But Mick's going to work on that later, and I am not going to be upset about it until we know what really happened.  I am hopeful that the error is with my phone and not that the entire SD card went kaput.

In any event, what a great start to our Spring Break today turned out to be! 

I hope you're all having great days, too! 


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