Friday, March 9, 2012

Paypal SUCKS. And STEALS!!!!

(And is laughing all the way to the bank, because if I want to buy stuff on eBay, I have no choice but to use Paypal.) 

Let me explain, so you all can get this straight: I make a purchase on eBay. I pay via Paypal, and the payment CLEARS MY ACCOUNT two business days ago.

The seller refunds the entire purchase price the same day, because she realizes the item is damaged. That refund is completed via Paypal TWO BUSINESS DAYS AGO. It shows completed.

But Paypal REFUSES to give me my money for what will amount to ten #%^$@^@#ing business days. 

And no matter how high up the ladder I go, I get another non-native English speaker who reads to me from the same script as the last one. I feel like the credit card commercial, "This Debbie." 

I effing despise Paypal, and yet if I want to complete transactions on eBay, it is my only option. Hello? Antitrust?  Anyone??? 

Why does Paypal get to hold my money and make interest on it? Everything on my side was completed and cleared, and likewise the refunder's side -- the transaction SHOWS COMPLETE! 

I am beside myself. Seriously beside myself.

I don't understand how shit like this is allowed to happen in the world -- Consumer Protection, anyone?  hello, we need you over HERE!!! -- but our politicians worry about the most ridiculous, trivial other stuff.  Doesn't anyone else see this as stealing?  I can't go to Macy's, buy something, return something, and have them tell me, "you'll get your refund in ten days," now, could I?!  The only time there's any sort of delay is when (and who does this anymore?) a person writes a check and requests a refund before the check has cleared/processed.  And that makes sense.  But this isn't that.  The money has cleared both my account and the refunder's account.  It all happened within 24 hours.  And now to get my money, which is a refund for an item I do not have, I must sit and wait while Paypal collects interest on my money (and countless others' in the same boat).  No wonder it's a huge company.  They steal small amounts of money from people like me, and collectively it's a lot of money that no one is making them give back.

I could go on and on, but I already have and I need to go find something to calm myself down. 



  1. You crack me up. In a non-conspiratorially kind of way.

    1. Thanks, I think! I was seriously bent yesterday, so I googled "paypal sucks" and "I hate paypal," and was absolutely astounded at how many horror stories are out there. People are out thousands of dollars -- way more than my little transaction, for sure -- and Paypal essentially tells them to f-off. Seems like there are plenty of ways our government could help out the little folks ... not to get political, but it just blew me away with what Paypal is allowed to get away with that is beyond the pale of wrong. A friend of mine said she thinks they club baby seals. I wouldn't be surprised. They probably charge people for the "service," too! Okay, I will step off my soapbox. I have calls to the Justice Department to go make. ;)