Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Actual Conversation

Sitting on the living room floor getting ready to read a story to WHM and CAM, who had been playing dinosaurs.

WHM comes over with a Brachiosaurus and an elephant in his hands.  CAM is snuggled in on my right side waiting for me to start reading.

WHM:  Mommy, this is an elephant.
ME:  Yes, it sure is.
WHM:  Mommy, what does an elephant say?
ME (thinking he is serious):  [my best impression of an elephant's call, using my arm as a trunk.]
WHM (rolling his eyes at me as if I am an ignorant child, because he was totally testing me):  No .... Roll Tide!
ME (appropriately chastised):  That's right.  Roll Tide!  Silly Mommy!


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