Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Corn and Cheese Chowder Redux

Public Service Announcement:

If you have a recipe you really love, don't mess with it.  Mick and I (and the kids) LOVED this the first time we made it, so we made it again last night.

The only thing we didn't have in the house was the corn, so while I was tutoring, Mick ran to Publix to get some corn.

They didn't have any.

Have you ever seen My Cousin Vinny, where they take Vinny's suit to the cleaners, but they don't have a 1-hour cleaners and the only store in the town is closed on account-a-tha flu?  The whole store had the flu?

Well, that's how I felt about Publix not having corn.  The whole store?  Out of corn?

Mick ended up picking up some canned corn, and for whatever reason, he bought Publix corn.  (First rule of canned corn:  Green Giant Niblets.  Always.  No matter what.)

The chowder was not so good, boss.

I won't blame the chef, because he did everything according to the recipe.  I blame the corn.

So, Public Service Announcement Part 2:  If your recipe calls for corn and you can only get canned, Publix corn, find another recipe, because making that recipe with Publix canned corn's just not going to be a good choice that night.


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