Saturday, March 31, 2012

PW: Chicken Pot Pies

shhh ... I thought I had chicken in the house to make this today, but I don't! 

I'm going to cook this tomorrow (which is technically April) and link back, though ... it will be our little April Fool's joke, to do it a day late, ok? 

Update Sunday, April 1:  Okay, I am back!  I don't have photos yet, and I feel terrible -- whatever plague Mick's had since last weekend, it's on him with a vengeance this weekend, and I woke up with a nasty sore throat today as well -- but let's put it this way:  this dinner was DELICIOUS.

Chicken Pot Pie

Verdict:  Fabulous!
Cook it Again:   Definitely!
Cost Factor: Not too bad.  As usual, we had most of the stuff, and I got the chicken on sale.

The recipe is super easy, and calls for one chopped onion, three carrots, and three celery stalks, all diced.  I didn't feel like dicing, so as PW would say, ours were a little more "rustic."  Also, the recipe calls for frozen peas, which I almost never have in the house.  But I do almost always have canned peas, so I subbed those in.  Because peas tend to mush, I added them at the very last possible moment before adding the chicken.  We still had quite a few casualties, but I actually quite enjoy smushed peas.  I think they add a texture and a sweetness to meals like this, and I had no complaints to not have perfectly round peas.  (We had some, but only half as many as we started with!)

For the chicken, rather than measure, I just boiled up three bone-in chicken breasts with some seasonings and a bay leaf -- it probably 3 pounds of chicken before cooking -- and when the meat fell off the bone, I took it off and chopped it.  After stirring it in the pot, it looked shredded. 

I added the called-for two cups of chicken broth (not the fresh stuff I had right in the adjacent pot, now that I think about this.  Hmm.  I have no idea why I didn't think to do that!), the heavy cream, and the seasonings.  I also added the chicken bouillon, but we don't have the cubes, just the granulated stuff so I probably added a few teaspoons.  I had a lot more chicken, I think, than the recipe called for, but it was fine.
The filling mix.  It looks chicken-salad-y, doesn't it?

We skipped the white wine because, as usual, I don't keep it in the house.  And I did not feel up to doing much today, (and in fairness, I'd just baked another three pans of strawberry cake to practice for CAM's birthday cake -- so I was kind-of done with wanting to be in the kitchen) so we used the good old Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts.  Seriously, you can't go wrong with those (even when you manage to mangle one and you're not sure if you should say you "unrolled" it or if you just "won" ... in which case, you clearly only won the war and not the particular battle... ), and they cook perfectly light and crusty every time.  We had extra filling, so I made one full pie dish and one smaller casserole's worth.

Getting ready to go in the oven.  Note that they're on a cookie sheet, just in case. And the one on the left is mangled.  Oh well.

Don't they look so pretty in my nice, clean oven?!

All done!  Still pretty!

Mick hasn't eaten a real meal in about three days, and he stopped after his first bite to say how "oh,
this is a keeper!"

WHM, ready to eat.  Not sure about his silly face here.  I don't take good food photos (yet, still learning), so I don't have one of just the plate.
 Good pick!  And photos to come soon, je te promis, as you can tell, have been added!


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