Friday, March 2, 2012

Non Sequiturs 3/2/2012

I just love that title. And since I have a bunch of little disconnected stuff to post about this morning, I thought it was a good opportunity to use it.

First -- I survived Leap Blog Day!  I think it went pretty well, actually, and I even received some nice comments on Marianne's blog. (I purposely did not go there even once yesterday because I knew that once I opened that can of worms, I'd be there 99 times and her traffic would show ME as one of the main sources and I'd be busted!)  It was a wonderful surprise to check it out this morning and see that people actually enjoyed what I wrote.  One of the commenters even recommended a PW "Cheeseburger Salad" recipe.  Figures I read that on a Friday in Lent, because now it's all I can think about! hahah! I will be posting about that soon for sure.

What? You didn't check out what I wrote?  Oh my goodness, get over there!  Marianne blogs at We Band of Mothers.

Second -- I am kind-of sad.  See, today's Friday, and like most Americans, I love Fridays.  But I especially love Fridays because Mick works from home, I don't work, and the kids don't have school on Fridays.  Fridays are our own special not-quite-the-weekend bonus days.  We sleep in, we snuggle 'til whenever we're ready to face the day, and then we mosey downstairs and make something for breakfast and eat as a family.  And if we have to go anywhere, it's not crowded, and that translates to a heck of a lot more enjoyable for everyone.  Next year, CAM goes to kindergarten and I'll likely be working (unless, by the grace of God, something happens to make us fortunate enough that I don't have to), and WHM will be shuffled off to full-time daycare.  Gosh, even typing this out hurts my heart.  This morning it's gray out and there's a Cat-In-The-Hat-a-Thon on PBS Kids, and we made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast ... and I'm realizing there aren't many Fridays like this left.  And I'm selfish and sad about that, and if I think too hard about it I will start to cry.

Third -- Speaking of chocolate chip muffins, I have a recipe for blueberry muffins that, years ago, my mom made into chocolate chip muffins, and I love, love, love it/them.  (I use that expression lightly.  It's not "I have a recipe" as in an, it was handed down on a little tattered and faded card for generations, "I have a recipe;" it's an "I am in possession of this from the box of Bisquick and I cut it out all by myself" recipe.) Now, I know that Bisquick isn't quite cooking from scratch, and muffins are easy enough to do that there's really no excuse for Bisquick.  But my mom isn't a complete cook-from-scratch kind of person, and let's face it:  we almost never had blueberries in the house growing up, but we always had chocolate chips.  But I love this.  It's brainless, makes a dozen muffins, and they are not-too-light, (in stark contrast to what I prefer for most muffins, actually), perfectly sweet, and absolutely delicious straight from the oven.  If you want the recipe (seriously, it's 2 cups of Bisquick, 2/3 cup of milk 1/3 cup of sugar, and 2/3 cup of chocolate chips, plus two tablespoons of vegetable oil, mix it all together and bake about 15 minutes at 400) in a pretty little format, just search blueberry muffins on the Bisquick site if this link doesn't work for you.

Now, I enjoyed the PW muffins, but they were not what I think of when I think of muffins.  Will I make them again? Probably, if I am so inclined and need from-scratch muffins for something.  But I will halve the recipe.  24 muffins -- I gave away half and we're still eating them! My sister, who also obviously grew up with the Bisquik brilliance, LOVED them.  But when I think BBM, I think Dunkin Donuts.  Muffins the size of my head with all the Maine Blueberry Deliciousness and sugar, and they are light and fluffy ... oh, THOSE are my blueberry muffins.  (And while we're at it, cranberry muffins are also pretty awesome and I may or may not have lived on them and pretzel sticks my sophomore and junior years of college.)

Okay, that's about it.  I am sure I'll think of more to post about later, but for now I've got muffins to eat and a Cat-in-the-Hat-A-Thon to go watch.


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