Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today's Plan

I posted this on Facebook earlier today:

Plan for the day: CAM to school (dream about a nap), gym (dream about a nap), laundry (dream about a nap), bank (dream about a nap), pick up CAM from ballet (dream about a nap), tutor (dream about a nap), dinner (wonder why I am suddenly sooooo wiiiide awake), kids to bed (think of 9000 things to do), stay up waaaay too late watching tv, pass out.

As it turns out, we added -- go to lunch, go to Costco, make 97,000 tutoring calls (okay, maybe just four, but it felt like 97,000), schedule a party, coordinate having Mick cook dinner while I am tutoring, and then throw in an impromptu birthday party for Alex.


And in the middle of all that, my little Facebook post made one friend comment, "don't forget to vote," to which I replied that I don't vote here in Georgia because I am not a resident, which in turn opened a whole can of Civil Procedure discussion and domicile questions and where I live and whether/when/where I might be moving ... and suddenly I found myself in the weird position of either giving out more information on Facebook than I am comfortable with, or looking like a ... well, I don't know, but I stopped feeling good about the whole thing. 

Now, keep in mind that my Facebook account is pretty well locked down (or so I say, right?) and the people who are commenting are all FRIENDS of mine -- friends I know and love!  And this blog is open to the universe. 

But still, I felt weird.

So, I deleted the status update.

Are we moving?  Possibly.  Where to?  It's no secret that we'd love to get back to Tuscaloosa or New England.  Is anything definite?  Not in the least.  Is there a date, as I told one person?   See two sentences ago.  The only thing that is certain is that we need to be somewhere before CAM starts kindergarten, and we need to figure out WHERE that will be.  HERE is still in the running.

Should I have a Georgia license and not an Alabama one?  Well, probably, but since I left Alabama with the intent to return, and do still get mail there -- and have not transferred doctors or anything else for that matter, and yes, still drive over approximately once a month for mail and hair and nails and other appointments -- I have not changed it.  Hopefully the license/ID people don't come after me for this.

Now you know.



  1. Replies
    1. Oh, goodness! You didn't open it at all! I could have replied with any of a million different answers that would not have led down that road, and instead I replied with the Einsteinian comment about not being a resident... 100% my fault! Worst of all, I KNEW better when I answered that, and did it anyway -- duh!!