The Cake Pans

I had a few people ask about the cake pans I mention in my 101 Things list, so I thought I'd take some photos and show you what they are.  These are all specialty/novelty pans (mostly NordicWare).  I've got lots more everyday pans that aren't shown -- things like regular cake pans, sheet pans, muffin pans, mini muffin pans, loaf pans, and so forth.  I've baked in some of these novelty pans, but not all of them.  Usually when I bake in them, I try to bake the recipe that accompanied the pan, but sometimes I do my own thing.  There are a few pans missing, but you get the idea.

Baked in this.  Used two boxes of mix because I made this for little kids and wanted it to be as moist (and familiar) as possible.

Baked in this.  Delicious!

Baked in this ages ago, need to do it again.

Baked in this.

Baked in this!

Baked in this!

Baked in this!
Baked again 2/5/2012.  See the post:

Baked in this! 
Update:  also made PW Pistachio Cake 4/30/2012

Baked in this!

This is a cakelet pan from my mom.

Baked in this -- mini poundcakes.  yum!


  1. I honestly didn't even know things like this existed before now. Will we get to see finished products?

    1. Good question -- yes, I hope so! There are quite a few more novelty pans on my wish list, too, so this list may grow as I bake my way through it!