Friday, March 16, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

(When they should be doing laundry.)
Oh yes, this is a pile of laundry.  Photo from my cell phone, so it's just blurry enough that I don't have to worry about showing you the family "underwears," as WHM calls them. Not that he wears them.  But that's for another day.

I'm a little late to post this -- it is all about Thursday and here it is, 9pm on a Friday night.  (That I am sitting here at my computer instead of out on the town, well, let's not go there.)  ANYHOO -- yesterday was a great day!  Mick was up and out early, and despite the fact that this crazy week of time changes and staying up waaaaay too late every night has completely caught up with me, I had the kids up, bathed, dressed, fed and off to school on time.  Not only that, but I got to wear grown-up clothes instead of gym clothes to Kindermusik!  I earned my SuperJen medal and it wasn't even 10 am.  I know you're all applauding for me.  Thank you.  Thank you.

WHM and I dropped CAM off at school, and as is our usual Thursday routine, headed straight to Kindermusik.  Today was one of those days where he took a few songs to warm to it (this, despite his knowing all the words to all the songs, and singing and playing Kindermusik all the time at home, which, come to think of it, is exactly how CAM was at this age, too), but Miss Dana brought out the first instrument and he was all-in.  So were all the kids.  Last week was the full moon, but today was full-on crazy!

We went from musik to Kroger.  Long story short, WHM needed an Easter basket and the ones I think most closely match the one we got CAM when she was born were on sale.  Check!

From there, we went to the bank, where Nikki (our teller we love) and I had a huge laugh over the strange lack of blue suckers.  I know, not particularly funny, but it is unique to THIS branch, and WHM ONLY wants blue suckers, and today was just one of those days where the whole thing set us off.   I am not trying to be all "inside-joke-y" or "you had to be there-y" on you, because that wasn't the case at all.  Did you ever have one of those things that inexplicably cracks you up?  That was me (and Nikki, and the manager, Jake) today. No magic or secret, just two ladies who clearly need more sleep because we find a perpetual lack of blue suckers at a drive-thru window insanely hilarious.  (*update -- I went back on Friday and we cracked up again -- this time about how we cracked up yesterday.  The saga continues!)

From there, we went to Kohl's.  Alas, my coupon won't be good 'til tomorrow and the sales were not fabulous.  So, we left and dashed down the highway one exit to hit Costco and get the kids bath towels courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa, and to gt me my new PW cookbook.  No cookbooks to be found!  We didn't have time to hit Target or B&N... because we raced right back down the highway (ok, so that's totally not what happened -- on the way TO Costco, we noticed that the opposite direction lanes were creeping.  Turns out there was a DOC bus -- one of those buses that's really a jail on wheels-- and no fewer than 15 state trooper cars closing the hwy down to only one lane.  There were blue lights everywhere -- which meant, of course, that traffic was backed up FOR MILES.  So no, we didn't race back one exit.  We raced through back roads, we and all the 18 wheelers that had the heads-up to get off the highway, so we raced like tortoises) and EVENTUALLY, we got to a little Italian buffet for lunch with "Aunt Marie." (*update -- I got ANOTHER Kohl's coupon today, so now I get $10 off $10 AND 20% off. Looks like free Godiva chocolate bars are in my weekend plans, since I didn't find a single other thing I wanted when I was there yesterday.)

Fun!  We got to be ladies who lunch -- something we used to do ALL THE TIME, but with this crazy economy we've really had to scale back.  Traumatic.  Weep for us.   It was a nice, spontaneous treat.  And WHM ate an entire giant meatball, 1/4 slice of pizza, all my salad olives and croutons, a slice of tomato, and a whole bunch of Italian sausage!

From there we went and got CAM, played a little, I dashed off a few emails, and then we watched a little Thomas and I started Mary Poppins with the kids before I had to tutor. 

And all the while, I kept rotating the laundry.  In the morning, when we got home, between Thomas and Mary Poppins... when I was done tutoring ...

But maybe I should have been folding?  I mean, did you see that photo above?

Sigh.  This is daunting because the weekend is already supercrazybooked, in a non-laundry-folding kind-of way.  Anyone want to help??


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