Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peanuts and Thank-You Notes

Last week or the week before, we had an impromptu birthday party for CAM's godparents' son, A.  (Does that make him her god-brother?  I never know and always feel foolish.  Likewise, WHM has a godmother and a godfather, both of whom were single when he was christened, and are now married, so we refer to both couples as his godparents ... confusing!)  Today, A brought over his thank-you note.

It was very sweet and he wrote it all by himself -- quite an accomplishment!

On the cover of the note card was Snoopy.


Mick:  CAM, do you who that is?
CAM:  Yes!  Stupid Dog!
[Mick looks at me funny, laughing, and starts to correct CAM, but I realize that she doesn't know that she mis-heard/mis-spoke...]
Me:  No, honey, it's Snoopy Dog!
CAM: Yes, Snoopy Dog!

I don't know why there's "dog" at the end of it, but The Flying Ace might get upset with us if we let CAM call him Stupid Dog.  (I think only Lucy gets away with that, right?)  Fixed that one in a hurry!


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