Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three Funny WHM Things

Yesterday.  (Because sometimes, you just can't make it to the chair before you pass out.)

This morning, WHM and CAM were at the kitchen table and I was making their lunches for school.  WHM won't eat a jelly sandwich, regardless of whether it's with Biscoff spread or cream cheese, and we can't send in peanut-butter, and I never get deli meats because they don't last long enough to actually make it to the school lunches in this house.  So, we make him chicken nuggets, which he devours. 

ME: WHM, how many chicken nuggets do you want in your lunch today?
WHM:  Six housand.
ME:  How about four?
ME:  Okay ... that's a lot of nuggets!
WHM: I hungry.

Both kids are exhausted.  Everyone was up really late last night. Aunt Courtney came to visit, we went to a late dinner, then when we got home we watched the first hour of "Dancing IN the Stars," and so everyone was just a little fussy this morning.  It wasn't until we actually got to the school that WHM stopped telling me how he didn't want to go to school today.  (He had been telling me that he wanted to stay home and keep me company.  Sweet boy, knows the way to my heart!)

At our preschool, the assistant teachers come to the car line and take the kids out of their seats and walk them to their classrooms.  It's a wonderful system and I honestly dread the day when we allll have to get out of the car, walk CAM to her classroom, all go back, buckle back in, take WHM to his school, etc, etc.  It's efficient this way and the parents don't linger, because they can't.

In any case, one of the teachers came to get WHM out of his seat, and he very seriously informed her, "I left my underwears at home."  (This is especially funny because he has never worn underwear.  Ever.)

Alrighty then!


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  1. This is great! I was laughing out loud. He and Darius need to have some conversations.