Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another CVS Score

A few weeks ago I posted about a Pampers deal at CVS that I was able to combine with manufacturer's coupons to do pretty well out of pocket AND earn $10 in CVS ExtraBucks.  At the time, I said I was going to put the $10 right back into another pack of diapers, effectively getting it free.  I ended up not having enough manufacturer's coupons, though, and I figured I was okay enough on diapers to wait out the ExtraBucks.  (It pains me to buy diapers without a coupon, so waiting out the $10 was a better deal for me.  Trust me.)

Fast forward to today.  I needed DayQuil and tissues, and CAM eats Lucky Charms like they are going out of style but we ran out this weekend.  Conveniently, all of those things are on sale at CVS.

I tutored from 3:00-3:30 (should have been 2:30-3:30 but he was late and I am a stickler about time when it's late because of being a high schooler, not late because of stuff out of his control), frantically changed CAM out of her ballet outfit, and made a mad dash to CVS.  (Why the mad dash? Because I am also tutoring at 5, but in my head I'd converted that to 4:30 so I was freaking about leaving at 3:45.)

Note:  In this mad dash, I made the cloudy-headed decision (see above, re: counting time wrong) to not fuss with coupons.  Bad idea, because this could have been an even better story.  

In any event, I ended up with:

1 large bottle of DayQuil ($6)
2 boxes of Lucky Charms ($4 total)
3 boxes of Kleenex Tissues ($2.64 total)
Total cost with tax: $13.40

I paid a whopping $3.24 out of pocket after they calculated the ExtraBucks.  Had I used my -- sitting on my desk, not even in my car folio yet -- $2 off DayQuil and $1off 2 Lucky Charms, I would have spent less than 25 cents on this little haul.

I know that some of you are thinking, "why don't you call CVS and see if they'll adjust the receipt if you bring in the coupons."   Good point, but remember, I feel like garbage and have two kids in tow, and that's an awful lot of work for $3 and the pride of saying I paid 24 cents for the stuff I got earlier.  Those same people are also thinking, "why didn't you run to the car to get your coupons to begin wtih?"  Good question, and you know me well.  The answer is that both of these coupons were new and sitting on my desk at home.  So, even if I'd left the cash wrap, taken both kids back out to the car, retrieved my coupon folio (which, by the way, is always in my car) and rifled through it, there were no coupons to get.  They were sitting, as yet unclipped, on my desk, where they were waiting, ironically, for me to get back from CVS.   However, I may go back and get another DayQuil and two more boxes of Lucky Charms.  I don't have another ExtraBucks to cash in, but that would still be a good savings on food and medicine that we'll inevitably use sooner than later.  Or maybe not ... because if you buy two DayQuils together, you get $3 in ExtraBucks so buying them in two transactions will make me feel like I am losing out on $3 ... and the coupons are only worth $3 ... so I'll be canceling my savings ... Oh!  I'm giving myself ajida!

Anyway, $3.24 for all that isn't too shabby, and I promise that I'll try to do better next time.


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