Saturday, February 25, 2012

CAM's Birthday Dress

As you know, we're knee-deep in Strawberry Shortcake love over here.  We've been thinking about, and vaguely planning, a birthday party for some time now.  Just yesterday I picked up an Initials order and in it was the "Get A Grip Large," which now holds ALL of CAM's Strawberry Shortcake stuff.  It's pink and white and perfect.  I'll post a photo soon ... despite my multitude of blog posts, I'm being lazy today.

But look what I just bought CAM on Etsy:

Photo from -- I didn't ask permission, so don't steal this, okay?
I am so excited!  Best of all, CAM has no idea, and I know she will absolutely love it, and THAT's what I am most excited about.

If you're interested, the seller's name is Erin, and she is absolutely super to work with.   What I think is super cool is that all of her patterns are her own.  So this is inspired by Strawberry Shortcake (and is very well done, I think) but not a cheesy copy and it's clearly a dress, not a costume.  I love it, if you couldn't already tell! 

Check out Lover Dover's Clothing -- she has grown-up aprons, kids aprons, kids dresses, and even Halloween costumes!  Throw Erin some love!


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