Saturday, February 4, 2012


Monday being the first Monday in February, it's Beanpot* time!

I saw this in my favorite Williams-Sonoma (in Boston) and have lusted after it ever since.       Le Creuset Beanpot, $99.95

This beauty will live in my house one day soon.  No, not soon enough to make Beanpot Beans for the Beanpot, but certainly before Beanpot 2013.

Also on the subject of Beanpots, I wanted to go ice skating yesterday, but we ended up having plans smack in the middle of the free-skate time. CAM's been asking (of her own initiative) to go skating lately and that makes me happy beyond words.  We are going to go skating sooner than later, if I have to buy refrigerant and freeze my backyard!


*a hockey tournament with Boston University, Boston College, Harvard, and Northeastern, played every year since 1952.  It's traditionally the first two Monday nights in February and it's a big stinking deal!  I've been many places since BU, but as the song goes, "oh, Boston, you're my home!"  Check out for the scoop, if you're so inclined.

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