Sunday, January 29, 2012

CVS and Pampers

OKay, so here's one way I plan to use coupons this week:

CVS has a sale going where Pampers packs are 2/$19.  This is an okay price -- I think it's the same as Target's regular price -- and there are, of course, Pampers coupons in the paper today.  (Actually, there are GREAT Pampers coupons in the paper today; the past few months, the Pampers coupons have been $1 off a purchase of 2 packs. Today, it's $1.50 off a single pack.  And I got the double paper, so I have two copies of the coupon.  Score!)

In addition, if you spend $30 on a certain group of items*, you get back $10 in ExtraBucks.

So, here's what I plan to do:

Buy four packs of Pampers.  (Yes, I could buy three packs of Pampers and a less-expensive filler item to get as close to the $30 as possible, but I don't need any of the other items that are included in this promo, so I'm okay with adding the fourth pack of diapers.)  I have three $1.50 off coupons, because I can grub a neighbor's Pampers coupon, so the total will be $33.50 plus tax, or $35.78.  (Calculating 6% tax on the full price of $38, and then subtracting the $4.50 in coupons.  They are not a store discount, so at least where I live, we pay sales tax on the pre-coupon price.)  My coupon savings on this transaction will be $4.50, as far as my spreadsheet goes.

I'll get back $10 in ExtraBucks, and I will use that in another transaction later in the week to buy another two packs of diapers, which will then cost me $9.  (If I am lucky, I will find another coupon or two, but I don't rely on that.)  My coupon savings on this second transaction will be $10, plus whatever coupon I might have, if I can find any.

Total spending at CVS this week will be $45.32, total coupons will be at least $14.50, and that's not only a 24% savings, but it's also essentially a pack-and-a-half of free diapers.  I am never one to turn away free diapers!

*If you don't use Pampers, there are other items to try a similar scheme.  I'm not writing this as a "couponing" tutorial with all sorts of different scenarios, as much as I am simply writing every so often to explain what I do to get good deals, because I was asked to show how I am able to get my coupon savings as I do.   I am not a coupon freak show, and although I posted about coupons a few times today and yesterday, I don't intend to turn this into a "coupon queen" blog, not by any stretch.  I spend a little bit of time each week with the Sunday paper and I make my weekly "sale/coupon" lists.  Some weeks, there's nothing fantastic out there, and some weeks there are one or two deals where I have to be sure to go on Monday to get it done, and to make sure I don't forget.  This is what I consider this week's "don't forget" deal -- the one sale where if I miss it, I will be upset with myself.  So, in the spirit of every so often talking about coupon scores and deals, I thought I'd post this here.  If you're interested in this idea but not necessarily Pampers, check out the site, where the owner puts together a bunch of different CVS scenarios each week to maximize savings on the sale deals.  Her stuff is relevant even if you're not in the South.  :)


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