Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disconcerting Things

1.  WHM and CAM are on a big "don't fight, don't yell" kick.  Mick and I rarely fight -- and I mean that as in once-a-year kind-of rarely.  We have heated political and other discussions, but we're usually loud in agreement with each other, fired up about the issue at hand.  I'm pretty sure the preschool thinks we are about to get divorced and/or that they need to call DFACS.  Tonight at dinner, WHM said, "Don't. Yell. At. My. Sister."  Oy.  At least he has the brother-as-protector thing down.

2.  While I was tutoring tonight, WHM, who was in the living room with Mick and CAM, sang the entire chorus to Red Solo Cup.  Twice.  Without help.  Which simultaneously confused and cracked up my tutoring kid.

3.  When I sat down to type this, I promise you I had three things. But I am old and senile, apparently.  When I think of the 3rd thing again at 4 in the morning, I will write it down so I can edit this post later.


UPDATE: I still have not remembered the third thing.  So perhaps that's really disconcerting thing #3:  I can't even remember the disconcerting things in my life long enough to write them down!

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