Thursday, February 9, 2012

All Dressed Up

CAM almost never poses for a picture.  Today, she was all about it.  I think this is part of her attempt to be Downton Abbey formal, but I have no idea really.  Let's do an inventory here:  Ballet skirt, check.  Ballet slippers, check.  Hat (backwards, her preferred style), check.  "White" gloves, check.  Sassy little pose from out of nowhere, check!

I'm not quite sure what she's going for, but I am pretty confident that as part of tomorrow's errands, we'll be stopping in a few stores to try to find Easter/Communion/pageant gloves so she can not have to use rubber work gloves ... and in the meantime, I'm thinking a big old chest of all sorts of dress-up stuff might be a really fun birthday present this Spring.  I had a few other birthday ideas, but this one is really screaming out to me right now!

Look at me! 


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