Saturday, February 4, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Date at Chick-fil-A

I am devastated.  I noticed just now that there was a typo in the title of this post, and I went to fix it from the iPad.  Stupid thing that doesn't use flash ... I managed to fix the typo, alright, but even though I didn't even click in the body of the post, it deleted it all, and I can't get it to revert to an older version now that I've gotten out of bed and come downstairs to the desktop to fix this.  I am so sad!!!

Every year (or at least, the past two years, because prior to that I didn't really pay attention), Chick-fil-A has a Daddy-Daughter Date Night, right around Valentine's day.  It's a big deal, and you have to make reservations online pretty early or the event fills up.  Last year I tried ten different restaurants with no luck, but this year I happened to learn of the event the same day reservations went "live."  I was able to get CAM and Mick a date at 4:30 today at a Chick-fil-A location we actually visit fairly regularly, and we've been talking about it all week.   

When I was doing her hair and brushing her teeth right before she and Mick left, we had the sweetest conversation:

ME:  You look beautiful, CAM! Are you excited for your date with Daddy?
CAM:  Yes.  I have never been on a date before!

Now, the kids and I stayed in our "comfy-cozies" until about 3 today, but CAM came downstairs at 10 with her dress and tights picked out, and even a shirt and tie (yes, tie!) for WHM.  So she was definitely excited.   Mick and CAM have certainly been out to lunch and dinner many times, but we've never quite called it a date, and that made it all the more magical today.  Today was really special, and CAM was filled with eager anticipation from the moment she woke up.  It was so much fun to see!

Here's a photo of Mick and CAM right before they left for their date.  CAM is holding Bea, and WHM wanted in on the action, too, so I am the only one not in the photo!

(Now when I originally posted this, I said I was excited to hear how it went, and now that I am re-typing all this,  it seems silly to post that same question here. But I don't have any of the photos from the date downloaded yet, so I will put all the details in another post, after all.)

Phew.  I think I managed to get back all the excitement, and most importantly CAM's sweet quote, to fix this post.  


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