Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snickers. Snicker, snicker.

So yesterday I had headache #4 in as many days.  (Superbowl Sunday was a doozie, and not just after the game!)  It's not migraines, thankfully, but it's only slightly less obnoxious.  I almost wonder if it's not sinuses, actually, but that would be ridiculously early ...

ANYWAY, I had a headache again yesterday and was craving chocolate.  Thinking that the two might be related, on my way to pick up CAM from preschool, WHM and I stopped at the corner gas station so I could run in and grab a Snickers bar. 

When I came out (with the Snickers and Nerds rope, because if you're craving sugar there's probably not too many better ways than a Nerds Rope or an IV), WHM saw the chocolate bar.


WHM:    Mommy, I have some choc-it?
ME:        No, honey, this is Mommy's.  I have a headache and I hope this will help.
WHM:    Peeeas I have a bite?
(at this point, I'm pulling out of the gas station and driving)
ME:        Okay, honey.  When we stop to get CAM, I will give you a bite.
WHM:   Oh-hay.

silence for one entire minute

WHM:  Mommy, I have choc-it?  I have a headache. 


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