Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ferris Bueller Conversation

We watched this as a family this morning.  All in our pj's, having a nice lazy Saturday.

At the scene where Cameron accidentally sends his dad's Ferrari through the back of the garage, here's the conversation:

MICK:  You know, it was one thing watching this when I was 16.  It's another thing now.
ME: Why?
MICK:  If that happened, I think I'd kill him.
ME:  No you wouldn't.
MICK (joking):  I think I would.  I'd push him right out through the back of the garage with the car.
ME:  No, you wouldn't.
CAM:  You watched this movie when you were SIXTEEN?
MICK:  I did!
CAM:  And you STILL reMEMBER it?! 
MICK:  I do!
CAM (in awe):  Wooooowwww



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