Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Closet! Done! #71: Donate Something I Really Wanted to Sell -- also done!

OKay, I should be embarrassed to show you all this photo, but the Monica Geller in me that is downright giddy about today's accomplishment can't keep it in.

FINALLY, after 18 months in this house, I have organized the master closet!  (Well, mostly.*)

(And I'm kind-of lying to you, too: it's really been longer than 18 months.  We moved into this house back in 2007 but were splitting our time between here and another state, so I'm just counting since we've been here full time.)

In our old house, we had an AMAZING closet.  It was the size of a bedroom.  We had ceiling-to-floor custom shelving (ELFA, not built-ins, not nearly that fancy), two monstrous dresser/organizers, and a nook for the ironing board, and I'm not joking when I say that our closet had closets.  Yes, it really did.  And we used them to store out-of-season stuff.   *I also used to have enough space to sort things by color and put the hanging things in a relative order.  I did not do that here, so it's a little messier than I'd like and you have to wrestle the dresses into submission to find what you think you're looking for, but I'm taking that as a good problem to have.  And motivation to get a bigger closet again asap.

Well, those days are over.  But weep no more for me, my friends (okay, weep a little.  My new closet is 1/16 the size of the other one and I will most definitely accept your pity for that) because I have finally organized my closet, purged a ton of stuff, and now can tell you with relative authority where something is.  This is outstanding in my book!  Out-freaking-standing!


Okay, it's not that special, but if you'd seen the before photos (which I intentionally did not take), you'd be psyched, too.

More importantly, I get to cross off an item from my 101 Things list -- #71: Donate something that I really wanted to sell.  I packed up two HUMONGOUS boxes with clothes, and I'm talking stuff I really could have sold if I'd had the inclination and ambition.  Banana Republic, Gap, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Brooks Brothers ... heaps of it all, and it all went to the church. 

Two for one!  Wahoo!


update 2/9:  I forgot to mention yesterday that I saw a great idea about how to organize closets that don't have a lot of space.  Although it's a little counter-intuitive, hang skirts on top and shirts below. Skirts don't tend to take up as much space, and that way what hangs below isn't as crowded or hidden as if you'd hung the shirts up top, the way most people (myself formerly included) do.  I never thought of that before, but I did it here and it really did work.  Cool, huh?! 

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