Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Most of you already know this, but last year was CAM's first year in preschool.  For Valentine's Day, I sent in simple, fun, store-bought cards, and I didn't even think to include candy or treats.  I was mortified when I saw what she came home with, and how if she'd been any older I would have embarrassed her to no end!  But I just didn't know I was supposed to send in a goodie bag!  This year, I knew I had to up the ante; but I've also discovered the joy of Pinterest.  So I was doubly fortunate this year, to be able to do something crafty and cute AND avoid the "loser Mommy" status.

WHM, who only has school on Mondays and Wednesdays, had his Valentine's party on Monday.  He came home with THREE "Pinterest" valentines!

Check them out:

Don't mind my alien-looking thumb.

I've already shared the fishbowl with you.  It's the one we made.  Both WHM and CAM brought them in for everyone in their classes -- a fishbowl that says, "I'm glad we're in the same school," with four Swedish fish.  The one that says, "I dig you" is a plastic shovel (the kind you usually find attached to beach pails), and the bag is filled with Valentines M&Ms.  (I actually debated making this one but wasn't sure where on earth to find plastic shovels without the pails.  It was also pinned a TON and I was afraid that two of us would make it and send it in -- and I would have been right!)  The third one has a rubber duckie and a bag of Cheez-Its, and the tag says, "You quack me up."  So cute!

So Mick and I eagerly awaited CAM's party yesterday, to see what Pinteresting Valentines she'd come home with.  As best as I can tell, only hers!  All but three of hers looked store-bought.  (But they most certainly did all come with candy and goodies ... these are not slacker moms, just busy moms!)  My favorite is actually the decorated doily -- it's very old-fashioned to me, almost Victorian, and I love it!  The purple one below is construction paper cut and folded to look like an owl, and it says, "You're a hoot!" and has a pencil attached. 

Another thing I decided to do was to save all of WHM's goodies from Monday.  When CAM came home yesterday, I put both kids and all of their Valentines at the kitchen table and let them have at it.  No restrictions, they could go to town.  I figured they were excited, and I'd rather have them eat whatever candy they wanted all at once, than to ration it.  They were thrilled! It was like Halloween, with each of them digging through their bags to see what they liked best.  The big winner?  Both kids were really excited by Fun Dip.  Who knew?!

Mouths full.  Of course!


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