Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not to Be Outdone -- the Beanbag Toss

I made this for the kids earlier in the Fall.  While CAM hopped (he's not good at waiting his turn), WHM broke this out and played it as well.  I love this.  It's very portable and it's actually a lot harder to play than it looks!  (It was easy to make.)  We've made up all sorts of different rules for how to play, too.  I think -- and hope -- this will last us a long time.

Beanbag toss, hopscotch ... how 'bout  beanbagtosshopscotch?!

Of course, it's much easier to toss the beanbag onto the matching color when you're, you know, DROPPING it there.

WHM trying to avoid a photo.  Whoops, gotcha!

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