Friday, February 17, 2012

Great News!

I always let myself get stressed by the state of CAM's room and the playroom right before I know I have to do something about them because they're to the point of being unsafe.  I get miserable.  And then, I ask Mick, "do you think you can help me?"  And he always says yes.

So, my great news is that Mick is going to help me clean both of those fire hazards today or tomorrow.

Seriously, it's a good thing private homes don't have to pass fire inspections.  The rest of the house is actually okay, but CAM's room and the playrooom -- well, you saw the playroom.  Imagine that the few remaining toys that were on shelves or in tubs were also dumped out, sprinkle in a good dozen Thomas and Friends wooden trains (especially under the bed), and continue to imagine that then you covered it all with stuffed animals and blankets and said you were "having a campout."  That's what CAM's room looks like these days. 

Also, I've been a wreath-making fool the past few days and once I finish them, I'll post photos.  Stay tuned. 

Oh -- and we're going to be finishing off the last few recipes from the Sweet as Pie Cooking Club, so I'll be posting about those this weekend, too.  I've heard good things, and it's a three-day weekend here, so we're going to cook up a storm.  Or so I tell myself.


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