Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh #%$#*!#$!!!! Birthday Cake!

Remember my list?

The one where I said I would master fondant enough to make a cake and be happy with it?

And then I showed you all a tiered cake I hope to use as inspiration for CAM's upcoming birthday party?

Well, we're going to be out of town the week immediately preceding her birthday, and I woke up in the middle of the night last night (in no way related to WHM waking up screaming for his "Thomas house," which he insisted was in the car, so at almost 1am I had to scoop him out of bed and carry his crying, still-sleeping, little two-year-old curled-up mess downstairs, unlock the garage, and go in to the car just to show him that there is NO SUCH THING as a Thomas house, and that if there were, it most certainly was not in the car, at which point he FINALLY woke up and snuggled on me and told me he was tired and wanted to snuggle in his bed) realizing that I am now officially in the one-month-left-to-get-this-done window, and I've not so much as bought a piping kit or figured out anything about fondant.

Here are my assumptions:

1.  Store-bought fondant will be fine and I will be able to get all the colors I desire without having to make and/or color my own.

2.  It will be easy enough to do (both finding the fondant and working with it).

3.  I will find a good cake recipe for cake sturdy enough to hold a heavy fondant-covered cake and won't need to panic at the eleventh hour that my cake is collapsing because it's only meant for buttercream frosting.

4.  This will not cost me $100.

I think those are good assumptions, and I'm going with them.

Even so, I think there's some fondant in my future this weekend.


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