Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Suck it, HOA"

Our good friends and neighbors are die-hard Giants fans.  When they took down their Christmas decorations (and they had some pretty fantastic decorations), they turned one of their snowmen into a Giants Fan snowman in honor of the football playoffs.

They promptly received a letter from our words-I-won't-say-online Homeowners' Association telling them they needed to remove their Christmas decorations immediately.

Dave called them to let them know that snowmen are actually decorations that celebrate winter, and that the snowman was a decoration for the football post-season and would be staying for the duration of said post-season.  His exact words on Facebook are repeated as the title of this post.  (Hence the quotes.) 

Let the record show that I actively hate my HOA and have nothing nice to say.  So as soon as Dave told us about the letter, naturally Mick and I, in a show of semi-solidarity with our friends, immediately found the closest snowman we could beg, borrow, or steal.  We have now also decorated for winter.  You'll notice that our snowman is much, much better dressed than Dave and Cindy's, which is why I say semi-solidarity.  Hey -- even a snowman's gotta have standards!

New shirt and pennant freshly imported from New Hampshire!

And our snowman, I might add, is staying up 'til March 20.

Why March 20, you ask? Great question!  Because that's the first day of Spring, and it seems to me we ought to be able to celebrate Winter for as long as it actually still is Winter. 

To quote my good friend Dave, well ... you already know what he said.  So I'll just say:



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