Sunday, May 13, 2012

Aunt Hockey!

So, tonight Aunt Courtney (also known in WHM-speak as Aunt Hockey, and formerly known as Aunt Honkey, until I learned tonight that Honkey is a derogatory term ... whoops ... so I am taking WHM's "n" out of "honkey") came to visit!

But let me start at the beginning.  (This is a good place for you to do one of those CSI-like backwards scene things until you get to the start of the story.  I mean, if you're imagining this blog as a movie and all.  But don't you?  Really now.)

A few days ago, Living Social had a promo for a family four-pack of tickets to a live theater production of Cinderella for $14.  (Yes, you read that right, $14 total for all four of us!!)  In our own little town!  The only kicker was that it was a Saturday 10am show, and if you know we redheads, you know that that was stretching it.

But I bought the tickets, and I am so, so, soooooo glad I did.  What a wonderful time we all had!  I will have to post about that separately, because I want to do it justice.

Anyway, it was early, I had to wake up the kids, I could barely drag myself out of bed, and so it was a busy morning -- and that meant that after the show, we were all starving, since breakfast was rushed at best.  (Okay, full disclosure.  CAM ate breakfast.  WHM fed himself CheezIts, and truth be told, I was absolutely with that because I just wanted him to eat something.  Anything.  I would have given him bon-bons if I knew he'd eat them!)

Okay, so back to the story.  We were hungry, and breakfast wasn't quite the model of perfect June-Cleaver-ish domesticity.  I had a gift card for a restaurant, so we all went to a nice, mostly free, completely relaxing, lunch.  Naturally, after lunch we were all zombies, so we went home, put on our "comfy cozies," and just basically vegged, which was itself quite glorious.  Mick watched some tv, the kids played together and in their rooms, and I listed a whole slew of stuff on eBay.

The kids and Daddy (can't remember what they were all doing!) at lunch.
And then all of a sudden -- as I was knee-deep (almost literally, I kid you not) in cleaning WHM's room and building him a new train layout on his table this time, Aunt Courtney arrived! Wahoo! I haven't seen my sister in far, far too long, especially considering we only live about 25 minutes away from each other, and so I was probably even more excited than the kids were!

In typical fashion, Aunt Hockey asked Mick, "So, where are we going for dinner?"  Oh, my spoiled self baby sister.

Now, I was so full still from lunch that I really didn't need to go out to dinner, but there's a new Mexican place by our house and it's just plain, old-fashioned, downright don't-argue-with-me, authentic, personable, super-amazingly-good-people-and-food, when Mick suggested it, I was suddenly starving again, so that's where we went. 

And I snapped about ten thousand cell phone photos, many of which I am now posting here for your enjoyment to show you:  Aunt Hockey came to visit!  (By the way, doesn't WHM look great with his new haircut?!)


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