Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kindermusik for WHM...

... officially ended today.

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After two full school years here, WHM has completed the entire four courses of "Our Time," and instead of being excited about moving up to the next level, we're once again faced with moving out of state.  The last time one of our kids finished "Our Time," we moved from Tuscaloosa to Georgia, and I was devastated to leave behind our beloved Miss Laura and Miss Erin and the wonderful program at the UA Community Music School.

But yes, as always, there were bigger plans than I could have imagined, because what happened?  We found the amazing and wonderful Miss Dana, and we have been so incredibly pleased with every last detail about Kindermusik here.  We've once again made our own little traditions and enjoyed the time with Miss Dana and with each other, and with the other kids and parents who -- as with the preschool -- are really just so plain old nice to be around.

photo from Miss Dana
Photo from Miss Dana
Photo from Miss Dana.
So, it made me cry today -- real tears, that I needed a tissue to wipe -- when Miss Dana went around the room and handed out our certificates and scrapbook pages today.  It's not just the end of another year, which is always so bittersweet on its own; it's the whole moving away thing, and it's killing me, I tell you!  There is simply not enough mascara in this world right now. 

And to make me sick to my stomach even more, I've already looked, and there's no Kindermusik anywhere close to where we will be.  I look at least twice a week, too, in case by some miracle a new class develops somewhere.

So, today's another day of tears ...

But right now I've got to go pick up CAM from preschool and we're on our way to the post office to mail out some (late, sorry!) Mother's Day cards.


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