Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Few Random Things

First, this Sunday we celebrated Memorial Day with a cookout at Jim and Marie's.  It was nice -- quiet, which I prefer.  Only four couples and our respective kids.  I don't do big crowds well, and this was relaxing.

Second, our weekend was slam-packed busy crazy!  Friday, I don't even remember anymore.  Saturday, we went down to Courtney's to swim.  Stopped at Publix for what amounted to the longest shopping trip ever, but finally got what we needed and headed down ... only to discover that we left CAM's entire pool bag (which she packed herself, and which she was so proud of doing!) on my bed.  Mick was gracious and wonderful and turned around and went right back and got it, which was at least another hour-and-twenty-minutes round-trip in the car, unfortunately.  Courtney and the kids and I hung out and waited.  Then when Mick got back, we all went to the pool for about an hour or two, until it finally got unbearable (it was crowded, and with a not-so-pleasant crowd).  Then the kids had a sleepover with Aunt Courtney and Uncle Dom, and Mick and I had a nice little date! 

Then Sunday we headed to the outlets in North Georgia (Ugh.  Had to do one small return.  Madness, to be at the outlets around one on the Sunday of a holiday weekend!), then lunch, then back to Courtney's to get the kids, and then straight to Jim and Marie's ... we were tasked with bringing slaw and a dessert, so here was our dessert.  I was only half-joking when I told Marie there was no way I intended to turn on my oven! 

We made two trays. Notice anything funny in this one?

Oops, I lied. Between the outlets and Courtney's, we stopped at one of the commercial restaurant places and got some stuff for WHM's birthday cake.  Those stores are so much fun to me, so it's always a treat to get to go poke around -- to do it without having to worry about the kids was wonderful!

And finally, in my ongoing quest to do at least one fun thing every day (more on this in a post coming soon, by the way), I've been promising the kids we'd make "marble races" with a pool noodle one rainy day.  Well, I have had the pool noodle and marbles literally for months, but inevitably we were doing something else and unable to make our ramps whenever it rained.  FINALLY, it monsooned yesterday morning, but by the time we were home and ready to make our ramp, it was gorgeous out.  Oh well -- that wasn't stopping us!  The kids wanted their marble ramp, so they got it.  It was easy (and I figured out an even easier way now, where you don't need the tape), and they loved it.  Awesome.


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