Thursday, May 10, 2012

CAM Loves WHM. No, really.

On the way home from school today, CAM decided she was going to sing to me all about how much she loves me.  Then, she sang about how much she loves Daddy.  Then, finally, she sang about how much she loves WHM.

To any random tune you can make up, she sang the following lyrics:

I love WHM ... more than macaroni and cheese and even Ariel ... but I love Ariel Dolls more ...

Cracked me right up.

Fast forward about seven hours, and tonight on our way home from errands and dinner, WHM rode with Mick and CAM rode with me.  And I (sorry, it's true) let out a loud belch and acted all sorts of indigant about it, which was played out in the following conversation:

ME:  CAM!  Oh my goodness!
CAM:  MOMmmmeeee, that wasn't ME!  I was drinking my milk still!  That was you!
(pause for a second or two)
CAM:  Mommy, you BURPED!  You're supposed to say, "Excuse me!"
ME:  Excuse you?
CAM:  NO, excuse ME.
ME:  That's what I said, excuse you.
CAM:  No, Mommy, YOU'RE supposed to say "excuse me!"
ME:  Okay.  Excuse you.
CAM:  No, Mommy, say "Excuse Me."
ME:  I did!  Excuse you!
CAM:  Mommy.  (pause)  Sigh.  (pause again.)  Okay, let's play a game.  It's called "echo."  You say whatever I say.  Ok?
ME:  OK.
CAM:  Excuse me.
ME:  Excuse me.  (pause)  You tricked me!
CAM:  (giggling) Yes, I did! You needed to say it right with good manners.

Oooh, I have a smart one, kids, a smart one!  :)


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