Friday, May 11, 2012

Big Sister Knows Best / Leftover Edamame

Background:  Last night WHM woke up in the middle of the night and was relatively inconsolable, so he ended up in our bed.  Naturally that meant Mick didn't sleep, and I slept in contorted position that would make Cirque du Soleil look amateur.  That meant in turn that our plans to be at the gym at 9 didn't quite work out, since we all ended up falling back asleep at some point, and we finally woke up "for real" close to 10.  Whoops.

THAT, in turn messed up our entire morning schedule, which in turn meant that we all took a family ride with Mick over to his office and then JoAnn Fabric, and in turn, we were all STARVING and ready for lunch.

(Are you starting to feel like you're reading If You Give A Mouse A Cookie yet?!)

CAM asked me what we were having, and I asked her what she wanted.  She came back with her second-most-popular answer (second only to Ted's):  sushi.  I told her that she'd have to ask Mick, thinking that Mick would likely say, "not today," and I also told her to think of a second choice.

To my surprise, when Mick got to the car and CAM asked for sushi, he just said, "sure, we can go for sushi."  

I about keeled over from both surprise and joy!  Wahoo!!!!

Here's the conversation we then heard from the back seat:

CAM:  I am so glad we are going for shooshi.
WHM:  Yay, soosi!  I wuv soosi!  Soosi is my FAVORITE!
CAM:  Are you sure that is your favorite, W?  Because macaroni and cheese is MY favorite.
WHM:  Yes!  Soosi.   Is.   MY.   Favorite!

After sushi, CAM and I dropped off Mick and WHM to get WHM a much-overdue haircut, and then we went home, where we dropped off CAM and Mick, and WHM and I headed up to the church to get CAM's certificate of baptism.  (I have no idea where our original went, but we need a copy and between the haircut and home, they called to say it was ready.)  WHM fell asleep on the way there, and then, well, the church is just soooo close to a Kohl's/Target/TJMaxx shopping center, that who was I to say no?  I mean surely there was a divine hand in the placement of all of these wonderful things so close to each other.  So, WHM and I carried on to TJMaxx.  I'm always up for a treasure hunt!

While we were there, he cracked up half the store.  

He had on a t-shirt with a front pocket, and he said for all the store to hear, "MOMMY, there is SOMPING WRONG WIF MY SHUT!"  (shut=shirt)
(Ie had fallen asleep on the way to the church and when he woke up, he told me he didn't feel berry well and his tummy was sick.  Because he was complaining about his shirt and lifting it up, I thought maybe he was itchy.)
Me:  What's wrong?  What's wrong with your shirt?
WHM:  Mommy, there is a WOCK in my shirt!
Me:  A rock?  What?  Why are you lifting up your shirt?  Are you itchy?
WHM:  NO MOMMY THERE IS A WOCK!  IN MY POCKET!  (sorry for the all caps, but it was necessary.)
Me (reaching into his pocket):  WHM, that's not a rock. It's a piece of edamame from lunch.
WHM (completely indigant with that rising-at-the-end pitch that was so high it almost squeaked):  Well, how did THAT get in there?!  Dat's SIWWY!

Two different ladies in the aisle with us laughed out loud, and when we went around the other side, a third lady told us just how cute WHM was.

Fun afternoon.


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