Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teacher Appreciation, Day 2 -- sort-of

Well, CAM woke up happy and peachy at her usual way-too-early-for-Mommy time today, but Mick sent her right back to her room and the next thing we all knew, it was 7:30.  By then Mick had fallen back asleep, so CAM and I went downstairs and snuggled on the couch.  And then <<BAM>> it was 9:30, and Mick came downstairs and said, "No school today?"

No school today.

WHM never has school on Tuesdays but CAM was by that point running a fever again, so we punted on the day.

Or more correctly, we moseyed our way upstairs to showers and baths, and took ourselves to lunch at On the Border (of course), followed by a family matinee of Pirates: Band of Misfits.  When we got to OTB Jim and Marie were there, which was a nice surprise.  They convinced Mick to sit on the patio.  So mark this day with a rock somewhere, because even if that was all we did, if Mick sat on the patio, it was special and noteworthy!

But that wasn't all we did, kids, not at all.  CAM was all Tylenol'd up, and WHM had the Zyrtec still in him from last night's bedtime, and we made a quick stop at Publix for me to grab a bag of Raisinets and a bag of M&Ms, and we settled in for the movie! 

We were the only ones in the entire thee-ate-ur, as CAM called it.  Repeatedly.  To Mick's dismay, our little Alabama girl has taken to some Alabamian pronunciations.  Lord help us if she needs INsurance for her car or celebrates THANKSgiving when she gets older. 

Anyway.  Back to the story at hand.

I don't know if it was that he was feeling better or that he's now a seasoned old pro, or maybe just the movie held his interest better, but WHM was a CHAMP today!  Phew!  I was worried that he'd be fidgety or not like the movie and Mick's patience isn't as good as mine for that stuff.  About 3/4 of the way through, CAM sat on my lap and was clearly not feeling too hot, but everyone watched -- and loved -- Pirates.

We came home and relaxed and I tutored, and here it is bedtime.

Seriously, despite CAM's fever, we had a great day.

After tutoring I finished the teacher appreciation gifts for WHM's class tomorrow.  The other ones were my idea (the teas) but this is totally pilfered from Pinterest.  I'm not super pleased, but not super disappointed.  Of course, I bought the flowers yesterday and have managed to almost kill them already -- definitely time to hand them over before they get worse and I have to re-buy them.

Pinterest version.   Here is the link to the original blogger.

My version.  They say "Thank you for helping us grow" around the top, and in chalk I wrote the kids' names.

Tomorrow I'll head out and buy the gift cards to sick in them beside the birdhouses, and we'll call it done!  What do you think? Decent? 



  1. I am now a little confused as to the proper pronunciation of theater, insurance, and Thanksgiving...

    1. Well, in Alabama, those are entirely correct, of course.

      But in New England, it's more like thea-tah, inSUREance, and ThanksGIVING.

      And I will do everything in my power to ensure that she keeps the Alabama, of course ... despite our upcoming move to New England. Even if she is the only little girl in Maine who says "Ma'am," I will be quite content.

  2. I didn't know anyone else noticed how they say INsurance. HA! It took me a while, but after moving to AL I finally realized why I couldn't understand anything for the first few months. If I didn't catch the very beginning of a sentence, I couldn't catch up in the middle because the syllables with the emphasis were all different and I was listening wrong.

    Funny you should use insurance as an example - I still remember the day I was at work and I said INsurance instead of inSURance and realized I was turning...

  3. Oh and we get a lot of ma'ams and sirs here since it is the Army, but I am trying to teach D and S to say Miss Jennifer and Mister Mick even though I was never taught (or had heard of) such a thing when I was growing up. That is not common here, but I just love it :)

    1. TOTALLY agree!! Where I grew up, my parents' close friends were "aunt" and "uncle," and among our friends in New England we're still Aunt Jen and Uncle Mick, and we do that here, too. But what about just other grown-ups? I love the Miss Jackie, Mr. Austin and we will definitely keep that -- no matter where we live!