Monday, May 21, 2012

Did you know ... CAM Version

I saw this idea on another blog that I stumbled upon this weekend.  I wish I could link to the blog, but did you ever click "next blog" on the top of the page, just to see where you end up, and end up seventeen blogs deep and just checking out random peoples' lives?  That's what I did, and I have no earthly idea where I was, but I thought this was a really special idea.  So ...

Did you know that CAM ... 

... runs into our room first thing every morning, says good morning and uses our "potty"?   It's the best way in the world to wake up, yes, loud door opening and all.  I will miss this when we move. 

... loves Curious George, and for the longest time called him Dee Dore?

... called me Deh Deh until she was almost 3 years old?  We finally figured it it was her version of "JenJen," which Mick often calls me.  We'd be in Target and she'd be talking to me calling me "Deh Deh," and I'd answer ... people definitely looked at us funny.

... has an insatiable appetite for marshmallows?

... loves, loves, loves to sing?  She will sing almost anything you play for her after hearing it only once or twice.  And she is quick to recognize songs, too.

... has a special habit of saying, "Happy After Birthday," or "Happy After Mother's Day," or "Happy After" whatever-it-was-you-just-celebrated, just to give you your special day for one more day?

... steadfastly refused to say Courtney's name for many months, despite saying countless other words, but the minute WHM was born, she called him by his name?

... changes her favorite color practically by the minute, but was working on a secret project for Mother's Day at school, and asked me repeatedly all of the questions (unbeknownst to me), so she would "get them right" on the questionnaire about me?

... hosts her own cooking shows at the coffee table and can talk you through virtually any "recipe" as though she's a Food Network star?

... has never had a haircut in five years?

... loves to garden, paint, draw, make crafts and cook?

... loves to fold the towels when I fold the laundry?

... was twice her brother's age almost this entire school year?

... loves Mary Poppins and Annie?  

... prays every night for Ansley and the people of Alabama?

... calls her "closed-toe" sandals her "sandals with roofs"?

... calls the car wash the "wash car," and Mick and I adamantly refuse to correct her on it?


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