Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Etcetera, et-cetera, et-cetera

A few non-trip-related tidbits:

Yesterday I got to go to lunch with Kristin of Life-Is-So-Kool fame, and her youngest little guy, and we really enjoyed talking about blogs and cooking and moving and kids and it was absolutely wonderful to sit and chat.  I only wish we'd had longer (and that we didn't walk out of the restaurant into a monsoon)!  Hopefully we can do that -- minus the monsoon -- again sooner than later!

The other night, Mick and I were watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Guy Fieri was in Hawaii, tasting Loco Moco.  If you're not familiar with Loco Moco, it's white rice, covered in brown gravy, covered in a hamburger patty, covered with an over-easy egg, covered in brown gravy again.  Mick and I had put the kids to bed and were completely full and completely exhausted and suddenly completely starving. 

We interrupt this blog post to share with you a little-known fact:  One of my favorite things on this earth is white rice covered in brown gravy, and if there happens to be a frozen breaded steak patty lying around, all the better.  Poor man's Loco Moco, also known as "chicken fried steak, high school cafeteria-line style," and when I taught at Brookwood High School back in the day, it was every Monday's menu item and my absolute favorite. 

Oh, and another little-known fact:  Also when I taught at Brookwood, teachers got to skip to the front of the lunch line and we paid only about $1 more than the kids did for lunch, and I bought lunch and drank my little half-pint milks every day.  I also ate school lunch every day at Pinkerton, but there the teachers had our own little cafeteria with its own menu.  It was only when I got to Rock Quarry that I stopped eating school lunches.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog post:

Anyway, Mick and I decided that we should make Loco Moco one night soon, but that was postponed for our crazy busy schedule last week and this weekend.  I've been wanting to make PW's Chicken Parmesan for two nights now, but Mick hasn't been keen on it (he hates the smell of frying food, and the recipe calls for pan-frying the chicken), so tonight while I tutored he went to Kroger, got the ingredients, and made Loco Moco. He actually had to go to Kroger twice because he may have left an entire bag of groceries at the register, but considering my spate of bad luck with multiple grocery-store runs lately, I can't poke too much fun.  I think we're just jinxed somehow!

Oh, but the Moco Loco?  Delicious!  And even the kids ate.

My awesome husband, Chef Mick.

Loco Moco!

Well, CAM ate.  WHM ate almost an entire pound of Oreos while I tutored, so he wasn't hungry, as you can probably imagine.

Hey -- at least the kid ate.  I really am genuinely (albeit only moderately) worried about him.  Mick and I were talking about feeding WHM Ensure before bedtime if he keeps up his hunger strike.  But don't worry, we're going to run that by our fabulous pediatrician before we do anything rash.  It's news to no one that our little guy is, in fact, littler than we'd all like.

In other news, I am two-for-two on going back to the gym (finally) this week, and I put it on Facebook for friends to hold me accountable.  I really want to get back in shape and run a 5K with Mick.  I used to run a race a month, 5Ks and 10Ks equally.    I'd like to get back into that -- maybe every other month -- and I have to start somewhere.  I'd also like to run a half-marathon, but that's for another day. 


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  1. Ok, you're making me hungry and I'm trying to cut back so I can eat more PW stuff! LOL! Hopefully the Parm Chicken this Friday night. Keep up the workout, it's a good thing!