Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mmmmmm .... Calgon Took Me Away

Or, more accurately, I got up at 4 am (no, not intentionally, but when it was apparent I couldn't fall back asleep no matter what I did, I gave up), came downstairs, applied for three different jobs, listed a ton of stuff on craigslist (stuff we don't need and thus don't want to move with us, and/or which we will just one day re-buy if it actually sells because we're not necessarily in love with it), wrote a giant blog post on my other blog (you can read it here) and got ready for my day.

Then, CAM and I went to a pool with some of her best friends from school -- and whose moms I absolutely adore -- for a few hours.

I managed to stay completely off my cell phone for the entire time, save for taking it out to set a timer for a quick time-out necessitated by the enticing water hose the kids couldn't leave alone. How glorious!!

After that fabulous, relaxing, wonderful, much-needed time, we came home to discover Mick on the couch shhh-ing us, because WHM was sound asleep in his Thomas tent.  (His Thomas tent, if you're wondering, was a Christmas gift from Aunt Courtney and Uncle Dom, and has been assembled since the day WHM got it.  It lives primarily in our foyer and dining room, but occasionally moves to the living room and once, I found it in my bedroom.  Upstairs.  Anyway, WHM uses his tent every day -- to rest, to play, to hide, occasionally to sulk, but my goodness does he love his tent! I think it's fantastic that he has his own little place and he loves it so much.)

Here he is, in the tent.  His feet are propped up on the front door.  The thing by his head is the "door" to his tent, which CAM was holding open for me to snap this picture.  Oh, and if you're wondering, he was snoring like there was no tomorrow!
I tutored for an hour (good tutoring, the kind where I felt like I could see an actual difference right there), and then the kids and I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some stuff for WHM's party.  Oh boy am I behind on that prep work ... oh boyohboyohboy!  Tomorrow promises to be busy!

On our way home, someone who didn't want to start summer tutoring until June 11 called me to ask if she could start June 4.  (Yes!  Yes, you can!)

For dinner, I cooked the Pioneer Woman Chicken Parmesan recipe I've taken 30 days to make (and for which I bought the ingredients three times, I kid you not), and it was delicious.  Post on that to come tomorrow.  But that was a nice bonus.

And now, both kids are in bed, Mick's watching hockey, and Courtney and I are watching the last episode of last season's Dexter.  When it's over, Mick and I will watch the last two hours of the Hatfields and McCoys.

And today's been a wonderful, fabulous, not-bad, very good day!

Thanks for bearing with me through the gloomies yesterday.  I'm getting over them, with big thanks to the many of you who reached out publicly and privately to give me a virtual hug.


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  1. So glad things got better! And those redheaded kids! Adorable! I could eat them for lunch! (in a non-Zombie way).