Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cinderella at the Aurora

Here is part of the Living Social blurb that came across my email:

Saturday morning cartoons and sugary flakes is a weekend tradition that's gone a bit stale. For your next a.m. entertainment, think outside the cereal box and take today's deal to the Aurora Theater: Pay $14 for a family four-pack of tickets to a Saturday program  ... catch a puppet-filled rendition of Cinderella on May 12, or the musical mayhem of "Beathoven" & The Big Note Band on May 19 ...

I don't remember when I saw it, but I distinctly remember being in the car and not heading home right away, so while Mick drove, I informed him that I bought a Living Social deal and we were going to "the theater" on Saturday.

Since both weekends were wide open (I know, small miracle!) I chose Cinderella, thinking that a story that both kids already know might hold WHM's attention a little better.   We'd never been to the Aurora Theater before, despite occasionally being aware of kids stuff going on there, so this was a perfect family activity and a chance to take the kids to experience live "the-ATE-ur."  Growing up, my mom took me to Broadway shows most summers, so I always had an appreciation for live theater.  Sharing that with our kiddos is important to me (and to Mick).

Here they are, all dressed up and ready to go to Cinderella.

The show was absolutely fantastic -- enough that I really think we may go to the "Beathoven" one next weekend, too!

It was a one-woman show and she narrated, sang, danced, and interacted with the audience, even bringing kids on stage in a few different parts.  Throughout the storytelling, she put on different hats and introduced a few (not many) large puppets.  I would NOT classify it as a puppet show by any stretch.  Oh, how I wish I could describe it better!  It was fun, and the songs stuck in our heads ... but for the life of me, I can't find out the woman's name.  I promise to research that a bit more and get back to you.

But really, the best part was watching CAM interact with the program.  WHM wasn't so keen on joining in, but CAM is just at the perfect age -- she sang, and moved, and got louder and quieter ... and was still singing the tunes at nearly 10 last night.  Just watching her made it all worth it.  Hooray for this Living Social deal! Yesterday was, top to bottom, a great day. 


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