Friday, May 18, 2012


Earlier today in the car:

CAM:  Mommy, do you know what's great about going to the potty?
ME:  No, honey, what's great?
CAM:  First, you get to tee-tee.  And then, you get to POOP!


Just now, I asked a sobbing WHM if he wanted some chocolate pudding as his afternoon snack.  He, of course, said yes.  But CAM didn't want pudding, she wanted Jello, and so WHM changed his mind.

I gave them their snacks at the table and then walked to the playroom. When I came back to the kitchen, WHM was hunched over his jell-o cup looking as serious as The Thinker, and said to me in a perfect Alabama accent, "Mommy, it sure is hard to eat!"


CAM just fussed at me when I wouldn't give her pudding (since she finished her jell-o, duh, doesn't that entitle all kids to pudding?!) so I sent her away.  She had a choice of going in the living room and sitting quietly on the couch to finish the Muppets movie we started earlier, or to sit in my office in a time-out.  She's in the living room now, playing with her baby dolls (all 10,000 of them, apparently) and just told WHM, "You need to help me put these on the couch.  All of them.  And if you don't, I'll be angry, and cross, and mad, and sad!  And you can't think about it!  Don't!" 

Looks like we need a little reality check meeting over here.  More later!


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