Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CAM's Last Day of Kindermusik

Yesterday was also CAM's last day of Kindermusik.  Surprisingly, I was not as teary as I was on Thursday with WHM.  It helped that Miss Dana didn't go around the room and chat about each person ... but I think that if she had done that, there'd have been a room full of ugly cries!  Most of the kids in CAM's class are moving on to kindergarten (or first grade) or moving away, so it will be a big change next year, after two years with almost all the same kids together.

Anyway, CAM and I used my travel tripod to snap a photo together on our way in. I am dressed like an eskimo because all morning it was cold and rainy.
I intentionally didn't zoom in too much, but I realize this is a little far away.  Whoops.

Here's CAM getting her certificate and scrapbook page from Miss Dana.  Yes, she really makes every  child in each of her classes their own scrapbook page with snapshots from the semester.  They are so special to us, and it's really pretty incredible to look back even from the beginning of the semester to the end, to see the change -- nevermind from the start of last year to right now. 

 I got the rest of these at the end of class.  There is one little boy missing, and one big sister came along, but this is the class.


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